BioArticle1:Why technical term is important for science studying? (Sipsang Sukphol)

Why technical term is important for science studying? 
                                                                                                         By  Sipsang Sukphol  

                  When I was young , a little boy (haha) I loved every languages I had studied. I ‘m not afraid English but I don’t care that how it ‘s important till I had studied Biology in Silpakorn University. I’d like to go to read the international text book. I know I can’t translate of alls, just Keywords , Techincal terms and Pictures are necessary for me to understand the things I want to know.
                   Now I’m a Biology teacher in the secondary school for 5 years and I have taught with English integrated for 2 years. I try to speak to my students with English because ASIAN’s Policy will be used soon. I use instructional media from youtube and other resources. My goal is taking everyway to make my students have a chance to develop themselves and to be accepted from society. This is my responsibility.
                So you should know how to study biology well with Technical Term
1. Know all of Keyword and Technical term for your Lesson.

2. Use Technical Term related with picture.   


Hope you’ll be happy whenever you’re thinking of Biology.


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