BioArticle7: Where is My good Scientific Project Topic?

            BioArticle7: Where is My good  Scientific  Project Topic?
                                                                               Mr.Sipsang  Sukphol 

Hello my students. This week, I assigned you to plan what Biology project you have to do. 3 students per group. Some group didn’t understand how to plan scientific project. some group couldn’t pass about planing because you make it too low than your academic level. so, today I have some guidline to trail you that how to get your good scientific project.
1. Yourself Problem based: What is your biological problem, may be another thing around you. Society Based Problem or project that used for Solve the local Problem
Please let it be the good topic in your project.
2. Survey from cyber world but not copy : you can apply from any suggestion of previous project. by changing another variables (depedent variable or Independent one). or you may adapt from surveying of scientific exhibition.
3. Not just you wanna know but have to keep benefits: whatever you wanna know isn’t enough to do experiment but please keep benefit. “Pay less get more” is the benefit of every project.
4. Check advancement of equipment : You can plan everything that you want but if you don’t have proper equipment so your dream cannot be come true. Addition keep easy to find material.
5. Make better thing Agriculture, Farming, Biocontrol , etc. : Don’t copy- doing project from previous reseacher but you can adapt or develop for make the better thing.

I hope you have the way to go to gaol of your better Scientific project, don’t forget scientific method and don’t make the data yourself , but collect the data from the real things occured by using scientific measurement. report real data is succeed.
I wish you send me better Biological research project, My lovely students.


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